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orion dance studio and ministry
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orion dance studio and ministry
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As I write this post, I can’t help but to reflect on the goodness of God. I have been honored to converse and meet some Pretty Awesome individuals, groups, and organizations doing some Pretty Awesome Works in the Kingdom of God. Orion Dance Studio & Ministry is no exception. The definition of Orion blew me away. Orion can be defined as a constellation (a collection of bright stars together).

Orion is one of the most conspicuous (standing out as to be clearly visible) and recognizable constellations in the sky.

Indeed, as the definition alludes to Orion Dance Studio & Ministry is diverse constellation of hearers, movers, and shakers for the kingdom; continually assembling artists to do what they were created to do – dance. orion dance_1A Christian performing arts company and subsidiary of Orion dance ministry founded in 2013. Orion’s mission is to further pioneer the vision of its founder – teaching radical, gifted dancers and artists how to minister the gospel of Christ through dance artistry. Orion Dance Studio is a subsidiary of Orion Dance Ministry. While Orion dance studio connects the community to Christ through performing artistry, Orion dance ministry prepares the church to ”go ye into the world” and preach the Gospel through dance and discipleship.

Praise Dancer’s Rock is grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with Founder & Managing Director  of Orion Dance Studio & Ministry, Olympia LaRose. orion dance _5Olympia has been dancing since 7 years of age and has a passion and purpose in Prophetic Dance.

I was taken back that this 30-year woman on the move (literally). Not only is she the Founder and Director of her own studio, but also is an IT Engineer with her own IT consulting company.

Did I mention she is a minister as well? As we talked it was only natural, or should I say spiritual that she began to minister over the phone. Olympia had so many words of wisdom, and an overwhelming passion to finish the work God has given her to do and to inspire others to do the same.

Never quit anything until it’s finished!

A question I love to ask other dance artist is what are some of the challenges endured on the journey. As I shared with Olympia some of my personal challenges, of feeling I wasn’t good enough because I wasn’t ‘professionally trained’ and getting over comparing myself to others. She quickly encouraged me with this statement:

Gifts are like fingerprints, meaning they are unique!

Some of the challenges she faces is forfeiting privacy, which can be overwhelming at times, but we know He will not put more on us than we can bear.

Orion Dance Studio & Ministry continues to move forward with hopes of expanding into every state and travel globally.  orion_8They are accepting new dance artist in and around their community of Mamaroneck, New York. Orion accepts anyone with the gift and desire to experience God through dance. The partner with diverse individuals, conferences, organizations and churches to readily prepare ambitious beginners and advanced dancers to become disciples to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ and meet the demand of the Word.  Orion Dance Studio & Ministry, you all totally ROCK!

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