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Uncommon Worship is a ministry from Eagle Nest Ministries Church in Huntsville, Alabama. By definition uncommon is something out of the ordinary.uncommon worship 2 In others words, its not the same old, same old. Watching the ministry definitely confirmed this was not the same old song and dance, but a ministry, uniquely gifted for such a time as this, by the Father to minister through dance.

We had a chance to talk with the Director of Uncommon Worship, Delonna Lashone.  Delonna clearly has a very tangible passion for God. As I spoke with her it was undeniable the intimate relationship between her and the Father. delonna lashoneShe has a servant’s heart and has an inspired message from the Father to His People.  She began dancing at  11 years old. Delonna definitely has a testimony  that encourages us all.  So many of us have felt abandoned at some point in our lives.  Delonna overcame feeling abadoned, she was raised by her grandparents. Through the art of dance she found joy and confidence. She felt like God had found her.  From that 11 year old girl dancing she has matured into a outstanding leader.

Delonna desires to connect with other ministries and expand the lane of liturgical dance.

Uncommon Worship has it’s 2nd annual dance conference entitled “Mask Off” coming up on July 27-28th in Huntsville, AL.  You don’t want to miss it!  This is not just a conference, but a spiritual awakening. Uncommon Worship, you all TOTALLY ROCK! Uncommon Worship Facebook: 

uncommon worship

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