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I recently had the chance to chat with Mesia Leshell from Greenville, MS. The first thing that stands out about Mesia is her humbleness. She truly has a desire to be a vessel for God and for Him to get all the Glory. Mesia LeshellMesia started dancing at a young age. Ironically, the church she grew up in didn’t allow dancing, leading her to start a dance group in her local community that travelled to different churches to dance. That response in itself is AMAZING! What a desire and passion one has to have to continue to minister in spite of circumstances, in spite of difficulties, in spirt of the answer, “NO”!

Mesia recently caught our attention with a dance her church dance ministry ministered, “We Need the Fire” by Juanita Bynum.

She is passionate about bringing people closer to God through Worship.

Mesia opened up to us about an embarrassing moment while dancing. One sweet day while ministering Mesia’s wig came OFF. Couple of things, she ran off to fix it, then came back to finish the song. What is noteworthy about this moment is the deliverance that took place following. She came to realize that she was hiding herself. She shared with us she wore a lot of makeup as well. She came to understand the she was hiding behind all of those things. Deliverance began to take place in her life. As time passed, she gained more self-confidence and she began to wear her hair naturally and only wears make up now when she feels like it. What an awesome transformation that every woman can relate to!

Mesia is now part of Prayer House of Deliverance Ministry, Apostles John and Juanita Britton. This ministry allow her to minister through dance. True deliverance take place when she ministers. She spoke of demons manifesting while they danced, and people actually being delivered! It is a testament of God when true ministry come forth. We praise God for Mesia! It was truly a blessing to speak with her. She hopes to continues on her journey with biblical studies, opening a dance school & store, travel, and combine her professional career as a cosmetologist and make up artist with all of what the Lord is doing in her life. We truly wish her well and Mesia, you are a Praise Dancer Who ROCKS!

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