The Praise Dancer’s Rock Show is a show about Praise Dancer’s who rock. We LOVE us some praise dancers and we have the show to prove it!

General Information

Praise Dancer’s Rock’s  goal is to create a platform for Praise Dancers, as well as creating an online space to inspire dancers, and to provide resources (online classes, apparel, accessories, a directory, and much more).

Commonly Asked Q&A’s

Where will it be broadcasted?  Praise Dancer’s Rock ( All episodes will be featured on the site and the Praise Dancer’s Rock YouTube Channel, and Praise Dancer’s Rock Social media channels.

Who else will be apart of the video?  Each episode is dedicated to one brand, individual or organization. Only your group will be apart of one of the episodes.

Is there any financial gain from the project? There is no financial gain from the episode. This is a pilot project sponsored by Dance Levels and hopefully in the future we will be able to pay our participants. However, we do provide a nice shirt as a gift for participating 🙂 !

Would all rights to the video go to you? Yes the rights of the footage will belong to Dance Levels. Dance Levels is a 501(C3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to bless the world through the God-Given Gift of Dance. We believe and are committed to positively transforming lives through excellent dance education, creative performances, and loving outreach programs that empower individuals to transcend to higher levels in their lives physically, mentally, and spiritually. Acts 17:28 In Him, We Live, MOVE, and have our being!

We promise to use the footage we capture for the Praise Dancer’s Rock project only for the intended purpose of featuring Praise Dancer’s who Rock! Clippings of the episode will appear on our Social Media Channel (Facebook, Instagram).

Where else will the footage be shown? Our Website and our social media outlets.


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