Vegan Life


After I went to a wellness seminar. I came to know that most of the food I was eating was causing severe issues in my life. Depression, weight gain, allergies, and insomnia, just to name a few. I wasn’t a big meat eater, but I was a big cheese eater, and I ate eggs like everyday. Little did I know that this food was causing a chemical imbalance, hormone issues (mood swings, depression), bloating, and weight gain single handily.

The lady challenged me to change my diet for a week! Well, here I am 3 months later. What a difference a week made! The biggie here was the DEPRESSION and FATIGUE was gone! I will save the full story for testimony services

Depression GONE!
Mood Swings GONE!
Insomnia GONE!
Bloated gut GONE!

I also noticed that spiritually something changed about me. I’m not a super deep person and can’t describe it exactly but I will say, I have a more keen awareness of spiritual things..if there is such a thing.