3 Day Water Fast: Journey to Healing

3 Day Water Fast Journey to Healing! It’s cold and flu season, apparently my son decided to share his crude with me ??. It is written ? fasting resets the immune system which, rest some vital organs and systems, thus healing coming forth⬅️. Have you ever noticed when you get sick, one of the first things you loose is your appetite? Maybe that’s a sign ?..anyhow…testing out my theory these next three days.

This is my Day One. I will consume 1 Gallon of Water today! There are 16 cups in 1 Gallon soooooo, I’m going to drink 2 cups of water at the following intervals 🙂

  1. 8:00 am
  2. 10:00 am
  3. 12:00 am
  4. 2:00 pm
  5. 4:00 pm
  6. 6:00 pm
  7. 8:00 pm
  8. 10:00 pm

My Current Situation: My nose is supper stuffy. A lot of congestion going on. Coughing, headache, itchy throat. I failed to mention I’m doing a 21 day Challenge of Being Positive so I can’t say anything negative about myself, does the above count…. If it does… counteract the above with…


DAY 2!!!!!!!!

Okay, Day 2 will start with the end of Day One!  Around 6pm of Day One, I had an extreme pounding headache along, with coughing, heavy congestion, sore throat, and body aches. I decided to eat something to make the headache go away. I ate some cabbage soup and felt better and rested. I know this is not what we discussed but that’s neither here nor there.

Official Day 2! Back to the water fast. I’m feeling better but no 100%.  Around noon, I felt lead to go outside and do some grounding. Grounding is where you get in tune with the elements. In other words, walk bare foot and grass and take some rays in from the sun. Its a whole science thing Google for more details. I did this for about 10 minutes. When I came inside I felt like a new person, literally. Sunshine does your body good! LIGHT!! YES!!!

So, feeling much better, no more sore throat or body aches..just a wee bit of stuffiness, I felt my fasting  journey would end at day 2..even tho it kinda died at day 3, but that’s irrelevant.

Here’s what i gather:

  • Maybe I was dehydrated
  • Maybe the water washed out the toxins
  • Grounding totally helped
  • Intermittent fasting is helpful


Maya Spivey

Creative Founder

I am the Creative Blogger, Dancer, and Founder of Praise Dancer's Rock! I'm happily married with three kids or four on any given day, it depends on my husband's behavior :)! God LOVES me, and I'm glad about it! HE CAUSES ME TO TRIUMPH! In HIM, I Truly , LIVE, MOVE, AND HAVE MY BEING. Acts 17:28

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