Praise Dancer’s Rock: Inspired Body Fitness:Workout Wednesday

Do dancers need to do more than just stretch?

Full body HIIT (high intensity interval training) exercises.

It is always good to get in a full body workout, great for conditioning.

Full body exercises work several muscles or muscle groups at one time.

Some full body exercises to do are:

1.  Battle Ropes

2.  Mountain Climbers

3.  Wood Choppers


Leg/Lower body  Exercises

As dancers we need a strong lower body as well as a strong core. With strengthening your legs and lower body it helps you to be able to leap, jump, kick and turn more effectively. With a strong lower body you will have better stability and this can improve your performance all around.

A few lower body exercises to do are:

  1. Plie pulses in first and second positions
  2. Jump Lunges
  3. Squats/with or without barbell

You can definitely do #1 on releve or even add a hop or jump to it to add more of challenge.



  1. Run-Go for a run outside, run on the treadmill or use an elliptical machine. Dancers we need to do some type of cardio to build up your stamina and endurance. We have to be able to complete a very high intensity dance without bending over gasping for air. Is there a such thing as dancer’s bronchitis or asthma? Well, I used to get it after we do a very intense dance. I want us to be able to make it through a fast dance without falling out.
  • Rehearse full out. If you go full out in rehearsal or class then when it’s time to perform you will have that stamina you need to finish the dance strong after going full out in numerous rehearsals.


  Core exercises

As a dancer everything comes from your core and it has to be strong in order to execute all the moves that we do. With a strong core it helps control your upper and lower body. Your core controls a lot of dance moves that we have to exicute. You need a strong core for your turns, poses and certain holds or contractions.

A few core exercises you can try are:

  1. Forearm Planks 
  2. Double Leg Lowers
  3. Double Leg reaches

As with rehearsal/class and any exercises, please continue to stretch and warm up. If any of these exercises are easy for you kick it up a notch with different variations of that exercise.

Enjoy your workout!

Tamika Smith

I am a mother of three, married 17 years to my college sweetheart, a dancer, fitness instructor and owner of Inspired Body Fitness. I love helping others reach their goals and potential. I am BOLD, COURAGEOUS and UNAPOLOGETIC.

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