Praise Dancer’s Rock: “Amaze Yourself”

What Inspires You?

Do you have days that you just don’t want to workout, dance, clean up the house or even go to work? Well we all do. Life happens and we are on go 24/7. But in those times of tiredness and weariness what keeps you motivated and inspired?

I tend to pray first, look to the word of God,  inspirational music to lift my spirit. Often times pushing yourself to dance or exercise helps even when you are tired. I have experienced that when I push myself. I begin to feel better the more I do it.

A burst of energy can come when you focus on that thing that inspired you to workout or dance in the first place.

Why do you workout, why do you dance? To stay in shape, to lose weight, to keep busy or to inspire others? Whatever your reason is, always keep that in mind when you get to those tired moments and want to bypass your workout or dance practice.

I saw these two quotes on Pinterest: “Be the energy you want to attract” and “Stay focused and amaze yourself”. I have written these down, posted them in my Vision Notebook/Journal and I am walking these quotes out.

I admonish you to muster up the energy you need, stay focused on the goals and AMAZE YOURSELF!

Tamika Smith

I am a mother of three, married 17 years to my college sweetheart, a dancer, fitness instructor and owner of Inspired Body Fitness. I love helping others reach their goals and potential. I am BOLD, COURAGEOUS and UNAPOLOGETIC.

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